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Why us

Nanjing Ouman Storage Equipment Co.,Ltd, is specialized in Industrial Storage Racks and Logistic Equipment.

Nanjing Ouman Forklift Co.,Ltd focus on different forklifts manufacturing, sale and after-sale service.
Nanjing Blue Giant Technology Co.,Ltd is specialized in providing the software service for automatic rack system projects.
Nanjing Blue Giant Plastic Co.,Ltd focus on the manufacture of warehouse storage plastic products. Plastic pallet, Plastic bins, Logistic turnover containers, Pallet boxes....

OMRACKING is short name of Nanjing Ouman Storage Equipment Co.,Ltd and OMRACKING is strive to provide the solution of warehouse and logistic system.
OMRACKING owns a strong technical team and skilled sales team. To provide the best design for warehouse storage racks and best service  of before-sale and after-sale. And our production is obeyed strictly on the ISO9001 and OMRACKING products are all complied with CE certificate. Quality is our culture.

In the journey of OMRACKING's Development, We have all kinds of successful rack projects which cover all of our products. Heavy Duty Pallet Racking, Drive in Pallet Racking, Rack Supported Mezzanine Floor, Structural Steel Platform,Cantilever Racking, Long Span Shelving, Carton Flow Racking, Pallet Live Pallet Racking,Push Back Racking, Radio Shuttle Racking, Angle Shelving, AS/RS and relative warehouse logistic products.

 Markets in different Industries
Electrical Power Industry
Automobile Industry
Food Industry
Pharmaceutical Industry
Petrochemical Industry
Logistical Industry
E-Commerce Industry

Oversea Markets
South-East Asian Market, Mid-East Markets, EU Markets, Whole American Markets, South Africa Markets and Oceania Markets.


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