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VNA Pallet Racking

  • VNA Pallet Rack
  • VNA Pallet Rack
  • VNA Pallet Rack
  • VNA Pallet Rack
  • VNA Pallet Rack
VNA Pallet RackVNA Pallet RackVNA Pallet RackVNA Pallet RackVNA Pallet Rack

VNA Pallet Rack

  • Industrial Racking Spacialist
  • Over 10 Years' Racking Manufacturing Experience
  • Heavy Duty VNA Pallet Racking
  • 10-18m High Rack
  • Product description:

Heavy Duty Warehouse Storage VNA Pallet Racking System

VNA pallet rack is very narrow aisle selective pallet rack and which is an ideal rack solution for high density warehouse storage. It is designed for improving the storage density by reducing the width of aisle but making vertical storage with special 3-way forklift. Normally, it is 1700/1900/2300mm width.

Advantages &Features

1. Very narrow aisle for forklift.

2. Provide high storage density solution and improve the warehouse space utilization.

3. Racks can reach about 14m for storage pallets

4. Guide rails used to make the forklifts not attack racks

5. Pick & Delivery station for transferring pallets from storage racks to other place by forklifts.

6. Used for high storage density demands

7. Makes optimum use of floor area and roof height

8. High density storage with direct access to all pallets

9. Controlled handling equipment provides a safe and damage-free environment

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