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Steel Pallet

  • Warehouse steel pallet
Warehouse steel pallet

Warehouse steel pallet

  • Q235B steel
  • Steel Pallet
  • Heavy Duty Pallet
  • Product description: warehouse steel pallet

Steel Pallet

Steel pallet is ideally used for applications of concerning the transport, removal and packing of products. Material, it is manufactured with high quality Q235B steel material and can be painted with powder or galvanized steel pallets. And steel pallets are always used for selective pallet rack , drive in pallet rack, AS/RS and etc.

OMRACKING steel pallets can be divided into powder coated steel pallet and galvanized steel pallet.


1.High quality steel Q235B

2.Steel pallet is  much stronger compared with wooden pallet or plastic pallet

3.Manufactured with steel which helps to reduce the wastage, when wooden pallets are not stable during transportation or storage process

4. Steel pallet can be painted with many colors

5. It can take heavy duty goods

6. Metal pallet can be customized with different sizes according to customers' requirements.

Item Name

Steel Pallet




High quality Q235B steel


Blue, Gray, Orange or manufacture according to your requirement


According to your requirement


2 or 4 way entry

Load Capacity

1000-3000kg loading

Surface Treatment

Powder Coating and Galvanized

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