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Push Back Racking

  • Push back racking
  • Push back racking
  • Push back racking
  • Push back racking
  • Push back racking
Push back rackingPush back rackingPush back rackingPush back rackingPush back racking

Push back racking

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  • Push Back Racking
  • 3-4 Pallet Positions Deep
  • Product description: Push back racking

Warehouse Storage Push Back Racking System

Push back racking is  a pallet storage method that allows pallets to be stored from 2 to 5 deep on either side of an aisle, thereby giving you higher storage density than other forms of racking. By using push back rack system, you can double or triple your storage when compared to standard pallet rack or double deep racking systems.

OMRACKING push back racking can be installed in a wide variety of industry types including food distribution, manufacturing, third party logistic facilities, automotive, and pharmaceuticals. Almost any warehouse that is looking to increase their storage capacity is a potential candidate for pushback rack. Push back systems are fully operational in freezers or coolers and no special forklifts are required.

Features & Advantages

1. FIFO storage system, load goods at entry side and unload goods from exit side.
2. 500-1000kg loading per pallet
3. Provides excellent volume utilization for high volume storage requirements.
4. Ideal storage solutions for storage goods with large quantities
5. High efficiency rack system and save more time
6. Decrease the damage to steel structure from forklifts.

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