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80mm selective pallet racking projects finished by ouman

Selective pallet racking with wire mesh decking project was designed, manufactured and installed by ouman company.

H4500*D900*L2700mm Ground level + 4 beam levels  350sets

For heavy duty pallet racking, wire mesh deckings, crash barriers, row spacers, anchor bolts, corridor beams are used to protect the racking and strengthen the racking.

Wire mesh decking, 100*50*5.0mm  with support bars for store goods packed with pallet or cartons;

Crash Barrier, to protect the racking from forklift's attack;

Row Spacer, to connect the back to back frames. Normally, the width is about 200mm-600mm width;

Anchor Bolt, to install the baseplates of frame with ground floor making the racking steady;

Corridor beam, are installed between frames at the top side of corridors to make the frames steady.

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