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What to do before purchasing pallet racking for warehouse

Before you take a decision on purchasing how many units of pallet racking and how many meters high,long and deep pallet racking, you need consider about the following factors.

Warehouse size

The warehouse size will  determine the length, width and height of the pallet racking. And the structure of warehouse will affect the warehouse storage capacity. So need to prepare the some information on the warehouse including warehouse columns, windows, maximum avalible height, entry location, ground floor construction.

What kind of forklift you use

The types of forklifts available will dictate the aisle width between pallet rackings. For example, a sit-down counterbalance forklift will need a larger aisle compared to a stand-up reach truck and this forklift takes a lot of space for a warehouse.Determine if you must use the forklifts already at the facility or if you will budget for a unit that may be more effective than your current equipment.

Pallet size and capacity

The size of the pallet will determine how many pallets can be stored on each shelf of pallet racking; however, you must adjust dimensions if you have product overhang. If you have multiple pallet sizes, consider pallet racking options that allow for flexibility.And weight of pallet including cargo weight will also determine the total pallet nos and pallet racking quanity.

If you have any questions on the warehouse rack layout , please contact OMRACKING sales team, we will make CAD drawing for your warehouse. 


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