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Company Activities

Company Establishment

Nanjing ouman storage equipment co.,ltd was established in the year of 2007 in  Jiangsu, China. Nanjing omracking focus on the design, manufacture and installation of different kinds of storage racks. Our main Products are as follows:

Main Products

Heavy duty pallet racking                      Long span shelving             Mezzanine floor      Logistic equipment

Drive in pallet racking                           Long span shelving A          Cantilever rack       Metal pallet

VNA pallet racking                                Long span shelving B          Carton flow rack      Wire mesh cage

Drive in pallet rack                                Compact mobile shelving                                  Access steps

Push back rack                                     Angle shelving                                                 Metal container

Double deep pallet racking

And OMRACKING's main business is for domestic markets when it was established, then we expend from  domestic rack business to oversea markets.

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