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What is pallet rack?

What is pallet rack?

Pallet rack is a material handling storage rack system designed to store products and materials on pallets in horizontal rows and vertical levels. Pallet racking uses horizontal beams that attach to vertical upright frames, creating industrial shelving to support pallets of material that can be accessed by forklifts.


In different markets, there're different kinds of pallet racks for certain markets.

Dexion Style Pallet Racking- EU,AU,NZ... 76.2mm pitch

Teardrop Pallet Racking- the whole America Market 50.8mm pitch

Dimound Hole Pallet Racking - Widely Used 75mm pitch

Pallet racking system parts:

Upright Frame:  upright frames are the vertical supports in the pallet racking system. Frames consist of two single upright posts, several H & D bracings, two baseplates. The structure can be designed with bolted frame and structured frame.

Pallet Rack Beam:  Pallet rack beams are divided into box beams and step beams. Beams are the  horizontal supports in the pallet racking system. Beams come into different length and height depending on the loading capacity requirements.

Accessories of pallet racking:  Wire mesh decking, Steel metal decking, Plywood decking, Pallet support bar, Side/Back mesh net, Upright guard, Frame guard....


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