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Company introduction

We, Nanjing OumanStorage equipment Co., Ltd. who specializing in developing, designing, manufacturing and installation of modern logistics equipmentAlso we are authorized GB/T19001-2008/ISO 9001:2008 quality management system.


      Ouman was built in 2007 in Nanjing and we have 3 subsidiary companies: Nanjing Ouman Storage Equipment Co., Ltd, Nanjing Ouman Forklift Co., Ltd, and Nanjing Jiayishi Information Technology Co., Ltd, we are providing professional storage equipment, material handling equipment, and warehouse management software. 


    Our products including: racking (pallet racking/live pallet racking/ multi-tier shelves/ cantilever racking/ drive-in racking), pallets (flat pallets/box pallets/collapsible pallets), storage cases, forklifts and WMS software, our products are stable high quality and competitive pricing in market.


      If you need more products information, please our website www.lss-om.com  


Now Ouman logistic equipment are widely using in top 500 Global Corporations in mechanical industry, electronics, aviation, automobiles, post and communication, railway, harbor, food, petrochemical industry, bank…


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